The Red Cat Restaurant Menus

The Red Cat Restaurant is an authentic Mediterranean restaurant. Serving food inspired by the tastes and produce of Italy, Spain, Turkey and Greece. We use the freshest ingredients and produce from local producers and supplier to create a vibrant and exciting menu.

The restaurant itself is an maze of smaller rooms, creating an intimate and warm atmosphere; with just 60-65 covers, you are assured of attentive service. Larger groups can occupy their own room, but this may require a reservation.

Our current menu is displayed below. In addition, you will find seasonal specials available in the restaurant.



Garlic Flat bread (v) 3.95
Garlic Flat bread with mozzarella (v) 4.50
Garlic Flat bread with tomato (v) 4.25
Garlic Flat bread with tomato, onion, chillies (v) 4.95
Garlic Flat bread with mozzarella & mushrooms (v) £4.95
Garlic Flat bread with mozzarella & smoked salmon 5.95
Marinated olives (v) 4.25
Pitta bread with olives, humus and tzatziki (v) 4.95
Bruschetta Al fresh tomato, garlic, basil, olive oil (v) 4.95
Focaccia with rosemary, olive oil, red onions (v) 4.25


Soup of the day 4.95
Homemade bread

Bruschetta Ai Funghi (v) 5.95
Homemade toasted bread topped with hot creamy mushroom and garlic sauce

Calamari Fritti 6.95
Lightly Fried calamari with garlic mayonnaise

Gambas Pil Pil 7.95
King Prawns out of the shell or in the wheel, garlic, chilli and sun dried tomatoes

Fresh Scottish Mussels 6.95
Italian style (garlic & tomato) or French style (White wine & cream)

Chorizo al vino 6.95
Pan fried chorizo, red wine, rosemary, garlic, red onions

Fegatini Marsala 6.75
Sauteed chicken livers in marsala wine, chilli, cream and onions with toasted ciabata

Melanzanna Parmagiana (v) 6.55
Baked aubergine, mozzarella, tomato sauce, parmessan and basil

Funghi Fritti (v) 5.95
Deep fried breaded mushrooms with garlic mayonnaise

Pate Di Casa 6.25 Homemade chicken liver pate served with toast and homemade chutney

Kofte Piccanti 6.25
Homemade lamb meatballs in a spicy chilli, onion and tomato sauce

Salmone Classico 6.95
Scottish smoked salmon, baby prawns, marie rose sauce with a side garnish of lemon & leaves

Mozzarella Fritti (v) 5.95
Deep fried mozzarella served with sweet onion and raisin chutney

Mediterranean Chicken Kebab 5.95
Tender marinated chicken fillets on a skewer, served with tzatziki dip, a pitta and crispy lettuce

Salsiicia Italiana 6.55
Our own Italian style tomato & basil Rarebreed sausages, fried onions, spicy tomato & garlic sauce

Greek Salad (v) Small 6.25 Large 9.25
Olives, cucumber, ripe tomatoes, red onions, oregano, feta cheese, capers, olive oil served with pitta


Great to share as a starter or as a main course for one

The Spanish board 13.95
Chorizo in red wine, King prawns in garlic & chilli, patatas bravas, meatballs and bread

The Greek board (v) 11.25
Humus, tzatziki, gigantes beans with with Greek salad and pitta

The Italian board 12.95
Deep fried mozzarella, Lightly fried calamari, bruschetta pomodoro and bruschetta ai funghi served with garlic mayo, rocket and olive oil & lemon dressing

Pasta & Risotto

Slow Baked Lasagne 8.95
Layers of pasta with slow cooked Bolognese sauce, mozzarella

Cannelloni (v) 8.95
Pasta tubes, spinach, tomato, mozzarella, ricotta

Penne Carbonara 8.25
Penne, cream, egg, parmesan, bacon, black pepper

Tortellini 8.95
Meat filled pasta in a cream, ham and mushroom sauce

Seafood Linguine 11.95
Sautéed selection of seafood, garlic, olive oil, fresh tomatoes, white wine and basil

Seafood Risotto 11.95
Aborio rice, sautéed selection of seafood, garlic, olive oil, fresh tomatoes, white wine and basil

Linguine Salmone 8.95
Light cream sauce with smoked salmon, dill, garlic

Penne Pollo Funghi 9.25
Chicken breast, mushrooms, onions, garlic, white wine, cream

Penne Arrabiatta 8.95
Penne pasta in a spicy salami, onions, chilli, peppers and tomato sauce

Linguine Bolognaise 8.95
Linguine in classic bolognese sauce

Vegetable Risotto (v) 8.95
Risotto in seasonal vegetables & herbs

Risotto Rustica 10.25
Spinach, pancetta, blue cheese, white wine, shallots, cream

Fresh Pasta of the Day 9.25
Please ask a member of staff for today’s choice

Stonebaked Pizza

Margherita (v)
Mozzarella, tomato, oregano 7.25

Greek (v)
Feta cheese, Tomato, sun dried tomatoes, basil and olives 8.25

Tomato, mozzarella, anchovies, olives and capers 7.95

Vegetarian (v)
Mozzarella, tomato, courgette, aubergine, peppers, garlic, rocket 7.55

Tomato, mozzarella, ham, mushroom 8.55

Folded pizza, tomato, mozzarella, meatballs, parmesan, onions, chilli, garlic 8.95

Tomato, Scottish smoked salmon, tuna and prawns 9.55

Kalkan kebab pizza
Mince lamb, chilli sauce, mint yoghurt, shredded leaves 9.55

The Red Cat pizza
Mozzarella, tomato, mushrooms, parmesan, basil pesto and chicken 8.95

Make your own pizza
Choose any 3 toppings from the above 8.95

All half portions 6″ pizzas are 6.25

Main Courses

Lamb Kleftiko 15.95
6 hour slow cooked Lamb, rustic root vegetables, red wine, rosemary & thyme

Pollo alla funghi 12.95
Pan roasted chicken breast, mushrooms, cream, white wine sauce

Spanish Chicken 14.95
Chicken breast in spicy pepper, chorizo, tomato sauce

Iberian Belly Pork 13.95
Slow roasted Belly pork, honey glazed, black pudding & chorizo, red wine sauce

Chicken Stroganoff 12.95
Chicken strips, mustard, paprika, creamy mushroom sauce, served with rice

Catalan Paella 14.95
Mixed seafood, chorizo, chicken, garlic, saffron, rice

Pollo alla Diana 12.95
Pan roasted chicken breast with mushrooms, cream, white wine sauce, mustard, beef jus

Salmone filleto Puttanesca 14.25
Scottish salmon fillet, tomato, garlic, chilli, cherry tomatoes, black olives, basil

From The Grill

Branzino 16.25
Seabass fillets, simply grilled, rocket, cherry tomato salad, lemon, olive oil

Sirloin Steak 18.95
Served with vegetables and potatoes of the day

Fillet Steak 21.95
Served with vegetables and potatoes of the day

Lamb Chops 14.95
Served with vegetables and potatoes of the day

Peppercorn sauce, Blue cheese sauce, Diane sauce, Mushroom sauce, Red wine jus & rosemary sauce


Hand Cut Chips 3.25
Fries 3.25
Sweet Potato Fries 3.25
Patatas Bravas 3.25
Cajun Fries 3.25
Rocket & Parmesan Salad 3.25
House Mixed Salad 3.25


Kids eat FREE everyday up to 6.30pm*
*One child dining with two adults

Two Courses 5.50

Penne Pasta served in a tomato sauce (v)
Penne Carbonara
Cheese and Tomato pizza (v)
Breaded Chicken fillet pieces in breadcrumbs served with hand-cut chips
Meatball served in a tomato sauce with linguine
Traditional Sunday Roast (when its gone, its gone!) Only available on Sunday

Italian Ice Cream (included in price)
One scoop – please ask a member of staff for flavours

Market Set Menu

Excluding Friday, Saturday and all Public/Bank Holidays and all December

Two Course Menu 12.95 • Three Course Menu 14.95

Soup of the day
Pate Di Casa
Funghi Fritti (v)
Prawn Cocktail
Our Own Reared Pork Sausages

Pollo Pepe
Pollo Diane
Fish of the Day
Tuscan Beef Stew
Any Pasta or Any Pizza from main menu excluding seafood linguine and seafood risotto
Traditional Roast Dinner Sundays (additional 2.00) – Only available on Sunday

Panna cotta
Ice Cream

Special Lunch Menu

12.00 – 3.00pm
Excluding Monday and Sunday and all Public/Bank Holidays and all December

Lunch Menu 6.50
Any Pasta or Any Pizza* from main menu
excluding seafood linguine and seafood risotto

Ciabatta or Pitta
Served with fries
Tuna, mozzarella & black pepper mayo
Chicken, Cajun, onion & mayo
Sausage, fried onions, mustard
Grilled veg, mozzarella, rocket
Kofte, chilli, yoghurt

Add ANY Starter or Dessert from our menu for only £4 Two Courses £10.50

Sunday Lunch

Roast Sirloin of Beef 11.95
Roasted sirloin of beef, roast potatoes, homemade Yorkshire pudding, honey roasted vegetables, gravy (when its gone, its gone!) Only available on Sunday.


Homemade Chocolate Brownie 5.50
Rich Belgian chocolate brownie served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Luxury Tiramisu (Market Set Menu) 5.50
Alternate layers of liqueur soaked sponge and whipped cream delicately sprinkled with cocoa powder

Cheesecake 4.95
Digestive biscuit base with a fresh cream cheese topped with mouth watering fruits of the forest

Panna Cotta (Market Set Menu) 4.95
A classic vanilla flavoured cream dessert from Piemonte topped with chocolate or caramel sauce

Sticky Toffee Pudding (GF) 5.50
Traditional sticky toffee pudding served with a scoop of Fredricks vanilla ice cream

Profiteroles 5.50
Soft choux pastries filled with whipped cream, covered milk white chocolate

Coppa Rossa 5.50
Delicious mascarpone ice cream on a biscuit crumb infused with raspberry sauce and sprinkled with white chocolate.

Coppa Mango 5.50
Mouth watering mango ice cream on a biscuit crumb with raspberry sauce, smothered in zesty passion fruit sauce

Affogato Café 3.75
1 Scoop of vanilla ice cream with shot of espresso

Affogato Liqueur 4.50
1 Scoop of vanilla ice cream with shot of liqueur

Ice Cream
1 Scoop 1.95  |  2 Scoops (Market Set Menu) 2.95  |  3 Scoops 3.95

Cheese & Biscuits 6.50